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The Steps to Enrollment

Choosing the right child care is a big decision!  

In fact, this is one of the biggest decisions that you will make for your child. I feel that it is very important for parents to meet with many different providers so that they can choose the right person to care for their child. Remember to ask lots of questions and ask for references. Please also remember that not only are you interviewing the provider, they are also interviewing you to ensure that your family

is the right fit for their program.

I truly appreciate the time that you have taken to look around my site. If you are interested in learning more about my program and if it is the best fit for your child, then below are the steps to enrollment at Ms. Cindie's Family Child Care:

First - Contact me to see if a position is available for your child's age and for the hours of care that you need.

Schedule an Interview - Initial interviews are scheduled after my hours of child care. This ensures that I am able to give you and your child my undivided attention. Your child must attend this interview with you. During this interview you will be given a tour of the parts of my home that are used for child care. You will be able to ask any questions that you have. I will discuss my program and Family Child Care Agreement

with you. I will also provide you with my enrollment folder that you can take home with you to review. The enrollment folder includes my Family Child Care Agreement, state required enrollment forms, my vacation and holiday schedule for the year, references, and two business cards. 

Schedule a Second Interview - This interview is scheduled during my hours of child care so that your child may come and meet the children currently enrolled in my program. This interview is not required.

You have made a decision! - If after the interviewing process you have decided that Ms. Cindie's Family Child Care is the best fit for your family, please contact me as soon as possible in order to see if the position you are interested in is still available. At this time you will need to schedule a time to return the completed enrollment forms and the holding fee to ensure your child's spot is held. Please be aware that positions are not held without a holding fee. Families in need of an immediate start date are not required to pay a holding fee.

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