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Hear what other families have to say

about their experience at

Ms. Cindie's Family Child Care!

Every family that has been a part of my child care family has a special place in my heart!

Here are some of the things that past and present families have to say about their time here with me.

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Current Testimonials:

"My daughter has attended Ms. Cindie's Family Childcare for the past 3 years. She has learned so much during her time with Ms. Cindie! She recognizes all of her letters and numbers and can read letter sounds. She is also beginning to read on her own. She will be attending Kindergarten next year. I am confident that my daughter has the foundational skills needed to begin her Kindergarten year. Ms. Cindie also has helped my daughter grow socially and always provides a fun and engaging environment for learning. I know each day when I drop off my daughter, she will have a fun day learning with Ms. Cindie and her friends. My husband and I could not be more pleased with the care Ms. Cindie has provided for our child. She is the best!"

Lauren Burdette, Kindergarten Teacher

"We sent our son to Ms. Cindie's daycare in the summer of 2016 and it was a great decision. The children at Ms. Cindie's are all in a similar age group and are all taught to play and share with each other. Ms. Cindie has a program that follows the school year teaching about everything from farming, fire safety, and basic life skills. Our son was counting past 17 and knew his alphabet before he turned four. This program gave our son a great foundation to start Pre-K at Mother Seton School. We look forward to sending our second son to Ms. Cindie as soon as he is old enough."

Lili Zhou

"Both our girls began attending Ms. Cindie's full-time at 18 months. As first-time parents, we were concerned with finding the best daycare for Lily. Ms. Cindie far exceeded any of our hopes or expectations so when Clarabelle became of age it was an easy decision. Ms. Cindie"s home is warm and inviting and quickly became a home away from home for our kids. We have complete peace of mind every day, knowing our girls are being cared for in a safe, nurturing, play-centered learning environment. Ms. Cindie offers healthy meals, fun arts and crafts, play time outside, varied curriculums, and structured consistent routines to help prepare kids for kindergarten. Lily has developed immensely with her counting, hand writing skills, and number and letter recognition. Clarabelle was initially shy and timid, we've noticed her verbal and social skills developing quickly since starting at Ms. Cindie"s. Cindie is incredibly patience, understanding, thoughtful, energetic and dedicated to helping all her kids learn and grow. Our family is grateful to have found such an awesome childcare provider, we would highly recommend to anyone looking for quality childcare at a great price!"

John & Jessie Despeaux

"Ms. Cindie has provided a level of care for our children that we simply could not find anywhere else. After being at 2 home care providers (and interviewing lots more), our oldest son started Ms. Cindie's at age 4. He is now in First Grade but wishes he still attended Ms. Cindie's. Our younger son started Ms. Cindie's at 18 months. As a difficult infant, we were worried about how he would adjust. There was no adjustment at all. Ms. Cindie cares for her daycare children as if they were her own. My son is always so proud to show us the daily craft he made and always leaves Ms. Cindie's with a smile on his face. Ms. Cindie provides a safe, fun and spotlessly clean environment to learn and grow. Everything you are looking for in a daycare provider and more hands down!"

"Cindie promised to care for my daughter like she was her own, and two years later, she has fulfilled that expectation and more! Because of Cindie's structured routine, my daughter has flourished. The instruction she has received is priceless. She is reading with me and using math skills, but moreover, she is beginning to problem solve and reason through scenarios. She has also been exposed to many other skills, such as science concepts (experiments), computer literacy, fine motor (crafts!), and social skills. My daughter also has time to just be a kid, participating in unstructured play time each day. We LOVE Miss Cindie and her program!"

Jennifer Hortie

100% Satisfied Parent and Teacher

"Our daughter, Nikki, started with Ms. Cindie when she was only 1 year old. She was Part Time, as she only attended 1-2 days a week for 2 years. During this time we saw Nikki's social, emotional and academic skills further developed. We loved how even though Nikki was young she was still exposed to the academic work that was being done. The most important thing for us was a caring environment and Ms. Cindie's home far exceeds this. She treats each child as if they were her own and loves and cares for them all. Our daughter is 7 now and still remembers Ms. Cindie fondly. We were so blessed Ms. Cindie was a part of Nikki's early years!!!"

Shelly & Jim Sexton

Great Experience

"There are so many wonderful things about Ms. Cindie's Family Childcare. She was an answer to my prayer of finding quality daycare. My son has been with her beginning the age of two and he is now in Kindergarten. Ms. Cindie provides a loving, caring, clean, and educational environment. She prepared my son for Kindergarten, academically and socially. He is now reading and is great in Math as well. The children are taught to respect each other, to listen and to use their words. Ms. Cindie's Childcare is a blessing."

Jennifer and Brent Reynolds

Wonderful Daycare Experience

"Miss Cindie's home is warm, welcoming, organized and clean. Miss Cindie takes excellent care of my 2 children. My 3 year old is learning how to write his name, count, identify, numbers, letters and letter sounds. My kids enjoy the time they spend with Miss Cindie, especially the learning activities and crafts they do daily. Her childcare is an excellent early childhood environment."


Mom and Teacher

"My husband and I couldn't be happier with Ms. Cindie's Family Childcare. Our older son Michael began with Ms. Cindie when he was 3 years old and continued with her until he began Kindergarten. Our younger son Jacob now attends Ms. Cindie's and loves it there!! She offers wonderful preschool opportunities that you will not find anywhere else. The kids have "school" time each day and learn many important skills needed to begin kindergarten. As well as offering a great preschool, Ms. Cindie also offers a kind, caring, clean and well organized environment for all the kids. We wouldn't ever choose another childcare for our children and would recommend Ms. Cindie to anyone who is in search of a quality daycare provider."

Amy and Michael Lipchock

Satisfied Parents

"Ms. Cindie's child care program is excellent. Our son, Elliot, has been in her program for 1 year now (he just turned 3) and he has learned so much during that time. He can count to 20, knows his ABC's, can write uppercase and lowercase letters, can write his name, etc. Her preschool curriculum is fantastic. Elliot comes home talking about what they did that day, and she makes the daily projects fun and exciting for them. Ms. Cindie is very organized and her home is always spotless. She provides all meals and snacks and will even wash dirty clothes so you don't have to take them home and do that yourself. It is wonderful to be able to just drop off my son at her program and to know that he will be cared for exceptionally well! Ms. Cindie is very trustworthy and I know that Elliot is in good hands. I really appreciate how much she communicates with me about how my son is doing on a daily basis. We absolutely love her child care program and highly recommend it!"


Very Satisfied Mom!

"I could fill a whole page on how GREAT Ms. Cindie's Family Childcare is! Ms. Cindie started watching my daughter (Lakin) when she was 11 months old (before she could walk or talk). Within a few months of her being w/ Ms. Cindie she ws speaking full sentences & even learned her ABC's. By age 2 Lakin learned many sight words & knew all her numbers. By age 3 my daughter could read!!!! Lakin stayed w/ Ms. Cindie until she started school last year. Lakin went into kindergarten reading at a 2nd grade level & by the end of the school year she was reading at the end of a 3rd grade level. We had the option of her skipping 1st grade, I give Ms. Cindie all the credit for my daughter being so smart & excelling in school. Not only does Ms. Cindie teach the children, she provides a clean, safe environment for them & feeds them well balanced meals. Even though my daughter no longer attends her childcare (we live out of county) we still consider Ms. Cindie Lakin's 2nd mommy!!"

Jennifer Bassler

VERY Satisfied Mom

"Ms. Cindie offers the pre-school education with the stay-at-home-mom feel. We could not ask for a better place for our daughter to go and are blessed to have Ms. Cindie in ours and our daughter's lives!"

Christina & Matt Moore

Best choice for day care

"My son has been going to Ms. Cindie's for just about a year now. She has met every possible expectation and excelled in providing quality care for my son and the other children she watches. She provides a structured environment that's well organized and clean. Ms. Cindie is not just my son's daycare provider, she is family. Ms. Cindie has been a blessing to my son and my family. I don't think I could have chosen a better person or place for my child to learn and grow. Words cannot simply express all the wonderful things about Ms. Cindie and the child care she provides."

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