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All About Ms. Cindie

Hi there!

My name is Cindie Figgatt. I am mother to two wonderful boys and wife to a terrific husband. I have been a licensed family child care provider since 2000. The main reasons that I made a career choice to provide child care in my home are: I enjoy working with children, I had a desire to be home with my own children, and I also felt that there was a strong need for quality child care in my area.   

I truly LOVE what I do and get great pleasure from watching children learn! That is why I have made it my personal mission to help prepare the

younger children in my care to be ready when they enter kindergarten. I do this by continuing to better myself as a caregiver and by providing the children in my care with as many learning experiences as possible. I want to ensure that they will have every opportunity to be successful students when they begin school.

It is also extremely important to me that parents feel comfortable leaving their children with me. That is another reason why I strive to provide excellent care for the children in my program. It is also very important to me that I maintain consistent communication with parents so that we can work as a team throughout their child's developmental stages. 

I appreciate your interest in my program!

Ms. Cindie 

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